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Comprehensive Veterinary Care near Hazelwood Park
Comprehensive Veterinary Care near Hazelwood Park

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Eastside Veterinary Clinic

Compassionate care, good people, and happy pets

At Eastside Veterinary Clinic, we have a deep appreciation for the unique family orientated bond that exists between people and their pets. We are dedicated to preserving this special bond by offering advanced, comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care to all pets in Adelaide's Eastern suburbs.  

We do not simply respond to symptoms and emergencies, we build relationships with clients and patients to prevent health issues and promote quality of life. 

Our clinic, located on Greenhill Road in Glenside is equipped with facilities for consultation, surgery, dentistry, radiography, ultrasonography and a range of modern laboratory equipment to provide accurate and timely diagnostics for your pet when required. 

Veterinary Services near Hazelwood Park

Eastside Veterinary Clinic Prides Itself on Offering the Highest Standard of Veterinary Care and Services near Hazelwood Park.
Vaccinations Hazelwood Park
Health Checks Hazelwood Park
Microchipping Hazelwood Park
Heartworm & Flea Control Hazelwood Park
Nutritional and Weight Loss Advice Hazelwood Park
In-House Blood Testing Hazelwood Park
Pet Dental Care Hazelwood Park
Soft Tissue Surgery Hazelwood Park
Orthopaedic Surgery Hazelwood Park
Radiography Hazelwood Park
Ultrasonography Hazelwood Park
Hydrotherapy Hazelwood Park
Eastside Vet is located adjacent to Hazelwood Park.

Pet Rehabilitation Services near Hazelwood Park

Help your pet live a longer and fuller life

At Eastside Veterinary Clinic we understand that the benefits of physical therapy can be extensive for recovering pets, or those with age-related conditions.

With on site access to a dedicated swimming pool, underwater treadmill and laser therapy, our rehabilitation services can help relieve pain as well as restore muscle and joint function.

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am - 7pm
Sat: 9am - 1pm

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We proudly service Adelaide's Eastern Suburbs, including Burnside, Glenside, Glenunga, Hazelwood, Linden Park, Toorak Gardens, and Tusmore.